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Welcome to the redesigned links page of Rutherford Little League.

When the League initiated its Web site in 1995, there was only one other local league with an active site that we know of (in Orleans, Ont.). As more local leagues joined the Web movement, we made an active effort to categorize them.

However, as the Web has exploded, it is no longer possible for us to maintain the links page as it used to be. As a result, we encourage you to follow these links to sources for other local league pages and resources.

NOTE: By following any of these links, you are leaving the confines of the Rutherford Little League Web site. The Rutherford Little League accepts no responsibility for any information beyond its own pages and does not necessarily endorse advertisers and sponsors on outside pages.

Little League Baseball, Incorporated

Little League Baseball was founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Pa., and has grown to include over 7000 local leagues. The home site has information about the worldwide movement as well as results of its international tournaments going back to 1947.
Youth Sports USA

Little Leagues, as well as other youth sports organizations, have Web pages hosted by, a Massachusetts-based outfit. Youth Sports USA is another team and league hosting source.

John Skilton's Baseball Links

Skilton, of Delaware, maintains possibly the ultimate baseball resource, links to thousands of baseball-related Web sites from youth leagues to the majors, separated by category.

The Unpages

An Illinois man has posted results of state and regional Little League Baseball tournaments going back as far as 1956, gleaned from newspaper summaries as well as firsthand attendance.
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