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Last updated: 21-Apr-2018

Major Baseball Standings, 2018

TANCREDI 9 4 .692
MASONS 8 6 .571 1 ½
LIONS 7 7 .500 2 ½
ELKS 3 10 .231 6
P.B.A. 12 2 .857
KURGAN 10 3 .769 1 ½
FIRE 5 8 .385 6 ½
SPRINGS 0 14 .000 12

Thursday 24-May-2018

TEAM  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10  R  H  E
SPRINGS 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
LIONS 4 0 1 5 10 10 2

What’s New ... (21-Apr-2018)

RLL, Borough Adopt Standing Agreement for Softball, Baseball
Little League Announces Regulation Changes
Rutherford LL Teams with CDC for Concussion Prevention
RLL, Boiling Springs Savings Join for CAP
The Annual League Fund Drive
The Next Meeting
Pitching Regulations for Baseball and Softball
Box Scores Added to History; Photos Wanted

RLL, Borough Adopt Standing Agreement

On Monday 22-Dec-2014, the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Rutherford approved an agreement proposed by the Rutherford Little League to formalize and perpetuate cooperation between the parties regarding the operation of baseball and softball in Rutherford.

This agreement expands upon the successful operation by Rutherford Little League of the softball program that was begun by the Recreation Department in the 1960s. The League became its program coordinator in 2011 under a pilot program that continued through 2014.

Under the newly approved agreement, Rutherford Little League becomes the agent for all player registration, team assignments, etc., for baseball for players aged 5 through 12 and for softball for players aged 5 through 14 (ages as defined by Little League Baseball, Inc.). The Borough will continue to maintain fields, with the exception of Tom Mellody Field, and programs will be cross-promoted between the League and the Recreation Department. All league volunteers will be subject to the Borough’s Athletic Code of Conduct (in PDF format; requires Adobe Reader or equivalent).

Rutherford Little League will establish and collect the registration fee, to be the same for both baseball and softball, and will set a per-family cap on enrollment fees. The League will also coordinate the availability of travel programs.

The new agreement creates a more streamlined program and makes it easier to register players and have them assigned to teams, as the League uses Active.com online registration and will accept signups at any time, not just during the hours that borough offices are open.

The Rutherford Little League looks forward to continued cooperation with the Borough, as we follow our mission of serving the youth baseball and softball players who reside or attend school in Rutherford.

Little League Announces Regulation Changes

Little League Baseball, Inc., the organization that charters Little League baseball and softball programs worldwide, has for a third time clarified the change in the league age determination date for baseball that was approved at the congress in Minneapolis in April 2014.

Under new guidelines promulgated in late August 2015, players born in 2005 and earlier will have their league age determined under the rule that was in effect from 2006 through 2014. For these players, league age is the player’s age on April 30 of the playing year. Therefore, the oldest players eligible for Major Baseball in 2016 were born in May 2003.

Players born in 2006 and later will use August 31 as the league age determination date. For these players, league age is the player’s age on August 31 of the playing year.

Rutherford Little League will accept baseball registration in 2016 for any player born from May 2003 through August 2011 who meets the requirement of residence or school enrollment within the Borough of Rutherford.

Little League has also introduced new bat rules for its baseball divisions effective with the 2018 season.

Starting in 2018, Little League will use a new standard being formulated by the U.S. Amateur Baseball Federation (USA Baseball) called USABat. This standard will closely parallel the BBCOR bat guidelines already used by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution” and it focuses on how much of a trampoline effect the barrel of a bat has on a ball. The theoretical effect is to make aluminum bats behave in a similar manner to wooden bats.

This means that many of the bats that have been in use in Little League over the last few years will no longer be allowed after the 2017 season. Parents should keep this in mind when buying bats for their children.

It should be noted that larger-barrel bats will most likely be legal in Little League; however, they must meet the USABat standard and thus will be heavier than the ultra-light bats that have been used recently and that have produced a dramatic increase in home runs, both at the local league level and in tournament play.

At its Annual Meeting 24-Sep-2015, the membership of Rutherford Little League, Inc., passed the following Local Rule, effective for the 2016 season:

“10.02(c) All Major Baseball players must wear an approved form of heart protection during all practices, scrimmages, and games.”

Given the excessive speed at which balls fly off certain modern bats that have been approved by Little League, our League has taken this proactive step to enhance the safety of our players. There are several available products that provide suitable protection without impacting the fielder’s ability to play defense. These products also provide heart protection while players are batting, to defend against the impact of pitched or thrown balls.

Parents will be responsible for supplying heart protection for their children in Major Baseball. The League will provide assistance where necessary.

In November 2013, Little League announced a change in its residence eligibility regulation, effective with the 2014 season.

For decades, the rule stated that players must live within the boundaries of the local league charter, as detailed on a map. Exceptions were made for players who began their careers within a league but moved outside the boundaries before they were done playing.

Starting with the 2014 season, children who are enrolled in an elementary or secondary school located within the boundaries of the local league charter are eligible to play in the local league. The parent must provide proof of school enrollment as of the start of the academic year (that is, prior to 1-Oct of the year prior to the playing year).

For Rutherford Little League, the impact is to allow players who meet the age requirements and attend the Academy at St. Mary (located on Chestnut Street in Rutherford) to enroll in the League even though they may live outside the Borough of Rutherford. The League welcomes all players who are eligible as a result of this revised regulation.

Rutherford LL Teams with CDC for Concussion Prevention

Along with many other sports organizations, from youth leagues to the pros, Rutherford Little League is increasingly aware of the dangers of concussions and the importance of preventing concussion and controlling a player’s return to play if a concussion is suspected.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide an outstanding training module on the effects and prevention of concussion. Visit the module here. Each of the League’s coaches is required to visit and complete this or a similar training module prior to coaching in the League in the 2013 season and beyond.

Additional CDC resources are available, including fact sheets for coaches, parents, officials, and athletes. These pages include links to viewable and printable PDF files. Everyone is encouraged to view, read, and download or print out these fact sheets as part of the League’s ongoing commitment to safety.

Boiling Springs Savings Gives League a CAP

Boiling Springs Savings Bank, a sponsor of Rutherford Little League since 1957, is giving the League an unprecedented opportunity for fund raising.

Through its Community Alliance Program (CAP), Boiling Springs will donate a percentage of depositors’ account balances to qualified non-profit organizations based on registration forms received at the bank. The percentage to be donated will be ¼ to ½ percent, depending on the type of account registered.

To register your accounts for a CAP donation to Rutherford Little League, print this form (in PDF format; requires Adobe Reader or equivalent), fill out the top portion, and bring it to a teller window at Boiling Springs Savings Bank. Once at least twenty depositors are on file, the bank will begin quarterly donations to the League.

In the first quarter of 2013, the bank donated $1,102.80 to the League. The more depositors registered, the greater the donation. All members, including parents of players, are encouraged to participate in this simple way to donate to the League.

The 2018 League Fund Drive

As a non-profit organization, Rutherford Little League is always in need of donations to keep its program running. The Rutherford Little League receives no funding from the Borough of Rutherford or any other government source.

The annual door-to-door canvass of the Borough was held on Saturday 24-Mar, but donations by mail are welcome at any time.

Checks should be payable to “Rutherford Little League, Inc.” Mailed contributions go to P.O. Box 427, Rutherford, NJ 07070-0427. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Rutherford Little League, founded in 1951, is the only organization providing baseball for Borough youths aged 4 through 12 and softball for Borough youths aged 4 through 14.

Next League Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Members of Rutherford Little League, Inc., is scheduled for Thursday 27-Sep at 8 p.m. at the Tamblyn Field Civic Center, 30 Woodland Avenue.

At this meeting, the Board of Directors for 2019 will be elected. All members are strongly encouraged to attend.

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