“Relive Those Thrilling Games of Yesteryear ...”

Box scores and play-by-play of every Rutherford Little League Major-level regular season and playoff game from 1981 through 2005 (and some 1980 games) are now posted on the league’s Web site, along with box scores and play-by-play of selected tournament games from 1980 through 2007 (and one game from 1956!). Full regular-season stats for the 1981 through 2005 seasons are also available, and the individual player pages and season pages are now linked. (More recent players and games are not included due to the league’s Privacy Policy. We do not post names of minors on our Web site.)

Select History from the left-side menu (or this link). Then select the All-Time Player Roster and look for a player name, or drop down to the years and select Teams under the given year. Once you’re in the History section, you should find it easy to select additional games or look at different seasons. The League has also rolled out a new feature, individual game-by-game logs (follow this link for more details).

We are seeking photographs from 1951 to the present to post on player and team pages. Your old team picture can find a home on this site, and individual shots (still or action) are also welcome. Simply contact us and submit digital or scanned photos, or we can take your originals, scan them in, and return them. Photos of more recent teams are also welcome; player identifications will not appear on the site until all players on the team are at least 18. For any season since 1987, Minor League and Tee Ball photos are also welcome. The more, the merrier!

Scanned photos for electronic submission should be, at minimum, 640 x 480 pixels for team photos, 240 x 320 pixels for individual photos. Team photos should be accompanied by identification of each person in the photo, where possible. Team photos will be displayed along with the team pages in the History section, while photos of individual players will be displayed on each player’s All-Time Roster page. The All-Time Roster section includes a page for every player known to have participated in the League, whether or not statistics are available.

Examples of pages with photos:

Here is a current index of submitted and posted Major level and tournament team photos.

For more information or to submit scanned photos, please send e-mail to the league. Please note that the address at this link is “munged” to reduce spamming, and the @ sign should be substituted for =at=.

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